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November 17, 2013

Let's AlbertEinsteinize Things A Little Bit Here...

To me, Albert Einstein, still long after being gone, represents what having a truly bright mind stands for. I know very little, if anything, about his contribution to the world of physics, mathematics and all that. What I find so fascinating about this famous genius is his mind indeed, but more in a sense of his genius perspective on life in general, rather than even his greatest scientific discoveries.  

Since in my opinion the best, and the most permanent treatment for depression is through treatment of the person's Soul, I decided to share few things, which helped me with the healing of my broken Spirit.

So, - without any farther adieu, - I present you with one of the brightest geniuses that had lived among us: Albert Einstein!

"I won't lie to you; I feel very flattered to be called a genius by your gracious host; Mrs. Pettingill here. But what does it mean to be a genius? Who can be a genius? Can anyone tell me? ------ Well, then let me tell you: -- "

"Now, we are here today because some of you have been "diagnosed" with a "mental illness" called depression. I see that Mrs. Pettingill who was lucky enough to overcome this condition, was able to question the common beliefs surrounding this so called mental illness. Good for her. Now folks, I understand you more than you might even think. I know what it feels like to be considered crazy, or even worse; -- what it's like to question your own sanity. In fact; -- "

 "I know you might me judged by others, and even made fun of by others because of the way you are. No one seems to understand you. Everyone seems to wanna stay away from you, because you drag their energy down. Only those who are depressed themselves are able to fully understand what depression really does to you. So, you feel lonely. You don't go out much. You hide in your little world where no one can reject you. Don't look so surprised; -- I know few things about loneliness. But let me tell you something: -- " 

"So they might refer to you sometimes as mentally insane, crazy, nuts, whatever. People who judge you, they judge you because they don't understand you. They don't understand you, so they fear you. Their biggest fear is that you could be right, and that would make them wrong. So don't ever forget this: -- " 

"Now that you should feel at least a little bit better about your depression, which as Mrs. Pettingill here believes -- is your gift, let's move on to other things. How can you be happier? Well, first and foremost, -- "

"Start with setting some small goals, if you have to. Then continue with the bigger ones. Getting well, getting rid of depression, then perhaps helping others to do the same, could be one of them. Whatever you choose your goal to be; - "

"While on this journey to a complete recovery from your depression, remember that mental health and physical health are interdependent. That your mind and your body are one, they're not separate. So, keep in mind that - "

"Why would you want to expect to have a perfect health, and a happy life if you continue to create a misery to other defenseless beings? If you continue to order murder and torture that is performed on animals, by picking up a steak or eggs in the grocery store? Don't you know; what goes around -- comes around? Do you think those poor animals, locked up in those congesting areas, while waiting to be killed and eaten, aren't depressed? Do you really believe everything you see in commercials, that the "happy cows from California" exist...? Stand up for your fellow non-human beings. Be their voice. Help them same way you wish someone would help you with overcoming your living nightmares. Don't worry that you are "just" one person. Be the example for others. Be the change that you want to see in this world."

"Which brings me to the following - "

"So go out there, and start experiencing what it's like to be truly compassionate not just towards other human beings, but towards animals as well. It will widen your horizons more than you might expect... It will bring you closer to a knowledge of you really are. And we all know that - "

"But we also must remember, that - "

"Let me repeat that: "

"And so if you haven't started yet, start imagining the world the way you want it to be. Start imagining yourself being the way you've always wanted to be. Have fun with it. Be as much as creative as you can with it. You've been depressed, which means creativity is one of your strongest assets, so use it."

"While you're at it, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Make as many mistakes as you can, in fact."

"And while you're having all this fun, remember that - "

"How did I do? Kindly leave a comment below for this young lady. Goodnight everybody."


Did you know that: At the age of 50, Albert Einstein had a nervous breakdown brought on by depression and paranoia?

From the source: Einstein and Newton 'had autism'

Did you know that: Abraham Lincoln suffered from severe depression for most of his life?

From the source: 11 Historical Geniuses and Their Possible Mental Disorders


Awesome post, thank you.

Very inspiring and refreshing! Thank you!

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