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November 26, 2013

WHY You Should Be Grateful At All Times!

(A Fastest Route To Enlightenment)

Do me a favor, and take a deep breath through your mouth. Now hold it in, without exhaling, for at least 30 seconds. When you start feeling uncomfortable, release the air through your mouth. 

Have you noticed anything? 

You can breath!!! Isn't that amazing? Isn't that incredible that you have a capability to breath, and that you don't even have to remind yourself to continue to do so. That the breathing -  indispensable to life - is performed by you automatically. That your lungs have so much love for you that they stay up, day and night, to assist you in staying alive! And they (almost) never take a break. Have you thank your lungs yet - for the awesome job they've been doing all those years? 

What about the air you're breathing in? Isn't that amazing that it's always there for you, and that it never asks you for anything in return? Have you thank the air yet - for the unlimited supply of oxygen; absolutely needed by your lungs to keep you alive?

What about every single organ that forms your physical body? The heart that never stops beating and keeps pumping your blood through the veins 24/7. The eyes that allow you to read what I wrote here. The brain that allows you to understand what you're reading, and what you think of it. The ears that communicate to you what's going on around you, so you can hear things without even having to take your eyes away from what you're looking at. The nervous system that makes it possible for you to experience both; the pleasure and the pain. I know, everyone seems to love pleasure and almost everyone seems to try to avoid pain at any cost. But the pain; misunderstood and hated by so many, is nothing else but an 'alarm system' announcing that something is wrong, - thus whenever experienced - it allows us to take care of it.
So, have you thank your body yet, - for caring you around so you can experience what it's like to be alive, and to live in this physical realm?

Have you thank your mind yet, - for giving you the opportunity to be aware that you even exist? Imagine what it would be like, if you were absolutely amazing, but you could not know that without being aware of it, and therefore you could not experience yourself being so amazing! Wouldn't that be sad? 

Have you thank the people around you (the good ones and the bad ones) for helping you to shape who you are today? For making your journey on this Earth a lot less lonely and less boring. For sharing with you their time, their energy, their love, and everything else that relationships are made of? For the heart-aches that made you that much stronger, that much more resilient, and which taught you about the importance of forgiveness? For the wisdom you've gain through making countless mistakes with others, while often unintentionally hurting them. For the wisdom you've discovered while going through the pain of being hurt by others, who just like you, knowingly or unknowingly - simply made mistakes.  

Have you thank the stars above your head for - being there, always displaying the same pattern to you, whether you live in a "highly civilized world" or whether you sleep on the ground, in a country that's mistakenly considered to be a "Third World"? Those stars do not discriminate. They do not believe that you deserve their light less because you have less money, or because you are technologically less advanced. As a matter of fact, you must have noticed that the farther away from civilization you find yourself, the brighter they shine for you...Their love for you is just as enormous as for anyone else who inhabits this planet. They prove to you that ever single night. Those bright stars on the dark sky winkle at you, to say hello, and to let you know that your real home was never here on Earth. That you are just passing through this planet, and that where you came from, and where you will eventually return, is a place of never ending unconditional love, peace and joy. Their light continues to guide you towards remembering who you really are, and where you really belong! When you'll fully understand it, you will never be affected by that awful feeling of not belonging, ever again...

You will dance in the rain, -- and in the sunshine. You will love the bad parts about you, just as much as you love the good ones. You will "explode" with a joy! You won't be able to contain it. It will spill out of you onto others. It will be contagious. You will know exactly why you're here. You will never doubt again that you are being loved, -- loved beyond your wildest dreams, and your imagination! 


Thanks for wonderfull teaching dear

weel you are right we should be happy with what and who we are

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