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August 20, 2013

Vegan German Shepherd

Nine months ago, my ten-year-old, long hair German Shepherd name Nel, started to lose her fur very suddenly and very rapidly. The fur on her tail thinned to the point where the tip of her naked tail was exposed. All over her back she had visible, what we thought "hot flashes" that made her fur look uneven and generally unhealthy. She was current on anti-flea applications, so blaming dermatitis caused by flea-allergy, was out of question.

We took her to the vet. The vet  run every possible blood test she could think of to add to our bill. She said there was nothing wrong with our German Shepherd except for the apparent discomfort she was experiencing. She prescribed some antibiotics that seemed to help improve the situation but without permanently solving it. Poor Nel kept scratching constantly. Her tail kept refusing to grow back.

My proud German Shepherd started to look more like a stray, neglected dog right in front of my eyes. Then one day a thought crossed my mind:

"What if it's her food that causes all this? What if I'd start feeding her with a vegan food instead of the "regular" kind?"

I was a vegan myself for already six months and my new life style kept to amaze me with its incredible benefits.  I thought, "Why not turning my German Shepherd into a vegan dog as well?"
So I did. I ignored all the negative opinions of so called "experts" on how dogs are carnivores, how they need to eat meat, and how vegan diet isn't natural to them. I kept feeding Nel with vegan dog food made by Evolution Diet Pet Food.

The positive changes in my ten year old German Shepherd were more numerous and noticeable that I would have expected. Within a month her new gorgeous, long fur was back only to surprise me with a shine which was never present before. Nel stopped scratching herself practically within days on being on her new diet. Her energy level kept increasing. Her tail got the message and started to grow back. The "hot flashes" were gone, replaced by smooth, even looking, shiny like never before fur. I thought I hit a jackpot with this vegan dog food when my German Shepherd started to look so great, but that wasn't all yet...

The bad doggie-breath I used to fight with different supplements before, went away completely on its own this time.
Within three month of using vegan dog food I noticed one more thing, I noticed I haven't been vacuuming my house as often as I used to. Yep, the shedding had stopped! My couch, my clothes and my carpets are not anywhere nearly covered with hair as they used to!  
Here is Nel eight months after being on vegan diet:

Here we are hiking with our vegan, 10 year old German Shepherd:

And here is a picture of my German Shepherd when she started to lose her fur. Look closely and you'll see that the "dark stick" at the end of her tail is indeed her naked tail exposed:

What a big difference! 


This sounds exactly like my three year old German Shepherd! She won't stop scratching and she doesn't have fleas or anything, I am thinking it may be her food as you did. I am transitioning her to a vegan diet. I hope we have the same improvements. :) Thank you for your story!

Keep me posted! I'd love to know how your GSD is improving. And btw; she's a lucky pup to have such caring mama. :)

Honestly, this is a fluke. Dogs are not meant to be vegans and unfortunately despite your very strong opinion you cannot deny scientific facts that categorize dogs as facultative carnivores. Your opinion cannot change scientific fact. If you fed your dog a NOVEL protein like kangaroo or elk you'd find the same result... but you seem hellbent on pushing the vegan agenda. I'm not sorry to say that it is wrong that you are forcing your vegan ideologies on a DIFFERENT species with DIFFERENT dietary needs. It is a bit selfish actually. If you want to form an opinion on the best diet for a dog you need an education (ideally in zoology, animal biology and animal nutrition) to back it up... otherwise you are just a vegan average joe who tried two diets and now thinks they know best.

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Do you have a degree in zoology, animal biology and animal nutrition? (Not that it would make any difference....) Seems like you're the one who feels very strongly about your own opinion, if you asked me... You visited my website voluntarily, so don't go telling me that I'm pushing anything onto anyone. Chill out. We are all here to share what's on our minds, and comments are always welcomed. It's always better to assume a friendly tone though. :)

How can someone eat a German Shepherd and still be considered a vegan? The dog isn't made out of vegetables!

This is not a fluke at all. There is a vet in Los Angeles who recommends vegan food for pets. Look her up under veganvet have lovely dog it is looking great post.I am always fond of watching german shepheed dogs and what they feed?

Hi there i just got a german shepherd puppy and im considering a vegan diet. Is it too early too start at 8 weeks?

i bought gsd when she was 8 weeks old, since i bought, she have been feeded Vegan diet, vegan bones from V-dog and she is healthy and active compare to other gsd

now she is 5 months old

Thanks for sharing your post, it made me more confident about raising her Vegan..

i bought gsd when she was 8 weeks old, since i bought, she have been feeded Vegan diet, vegan bones from V-dog and she is healthy and active compare to other gsd

now she is 5 months old

Thanks for sharing your post, it made me more confident about raising her Vegan..

My German shepherd is a vegan and our 2 labs are also. The female lab had bad allergies and would gnaw her paws. She dies not itch anymore and the male lab does not have stain runs in his corner of his eyes. I took my German shepherd to vet early May for annual; she is healthy.

The entire information is really good and some good insights available. Looking forward to do more clicks.

Last month on the 23rd, as I sat watching Stella playing merrily with one of her toys (of which she has a hefty collection - given how much the mister and I love to spoil our darling kitty!), I began thinking about the history of domestic cats which in turn lead to reflections on the origins of commercially prepared cat food.

I too always learn something new from your useful post.

Thank you for sharing this! I'm so happy your dog got great results! I have had three wonderful german shepherds that I got from rescue, but all got cancer at the end, heartbreaking. I am vegan and just wondering about this topic for my next dog, so thank you for posting this. Did you also read about the border collie that lived to 25 on a vegan diet? The lady who she lived with also had two other dogs that lived far past the average, in great health. This is very promising!

Sorry the other "anonymous" poster was, shall we say, an idiot. :) Oh well, if we wait long enough I think Darwin will take care of these types....!

Another academic research study conducted by the Center for Animal Welfare discovered:

"A significant and growing body of population studies and cases suggest that cats and dogs may be successfully maintained on nutritionally sound vegetarian diets long-term, and indeed, may thrive. Such diets have been associated with benefits such as improved coat condition, allergy control, weight control, increased overall health and vitality, arthritis regression, diabetes regression, cataract resolution, and decreased incidences of cancer, infections, hypothyroidism and ectoparasites (fleas, ticks, lice and mites)."

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