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December 6, 2013

Free Yourself From Your Bra!

Ladies! Isn't time to free ourselves from the unnecessary and useless, some would even argue -- damaging -- "support" manufactured for our breasts -- called bras? 

Come on, I cannot be the only woman who finds these bras (any kinds of bras) awfully uncomfortable, of restrictive nature, and to be a major contributor of a skin rash (right where those bras embrace our torsos.)  

I haven't been the biggest fan of bras since well after my puberty. Before that, like almost every teenage-girl, I would steal my sisters' bras to make my chest look bigger and more full than it was. But then, as I grew older, I forgot that no other species but humans, voluntarily choose to torture themselves by wearing wires and other synthetics around themselves! I forgot I had a free choice, and that no one could stand in my way of executing such freedom to wear what I'm pleased to wear, and to be who I choose to be. For years (actually decades) I followed the "main stream" fashion guidance (for those who are new to my blog: I used to be a fashion model) and continued to suffer the discomfort and the limitations such faithful follow-ship had brought onto me. 

I'd always take off my bra the moment I'd step in my house, sometimes before I'd even take off my shoes. Then I'd spend few good minutes on rubbing my breasts - especially the underneath area - to alleviate the discomfort caused by the skin rash, created by the trapped sweat. Yet, I'd continue to wear the 'torture device' in attempt to please the public, and to avoid causing too much commotion. God forbid, someone would be able to see my perky nipples through the shirt or a dress! 

Well, recently (partially due to freeing myself from depression) I decided to end this nonsense. First thing I did; I went to buy some sport bras, thinking it would do the trick. I thought I'd be more comfortable, and that the public wouldn't feel "offended" by the display of my nipular bulge on my wardrobe. I got the most comfortable bras the store had. I wore them for a while, until I was ready to admit to myself (and to my patient breasts) that even the most comfortable bras are not comfortable at all. The only comfortable bra I've ever run into is: no - bra - whatsoever

So I apologized to my breasts, and to myself, for taking so long to free myself from this self-imposed restriction, called 'trying to fit in the society'. Why on earth would I continue to make myself so miserable so few people wouldn't have to experience feeling awkward? If anyone out there is still uncomfortable with their own sexuality, if seeing the shape of my nipples through my dress makes them distracted, then that is their problem, not mine. Simple as that. 

And so today, I went bra-less to do grocery shopping. Before I even got the chance to leave the house, I was stopped by my concerned husband. 

"Aren't you gonna put some bra?" He asked me. 

"Nope." I answered. 

Seeing the amusement on my spouse's face, I went on and on, explaining how I refuse to be a slave to the society, how not that long ago, women were pressured into wearing uncomfortable beyond belief things called corsets, and how that was finally abolished too. My husband just stood there, listing patiently to my verbal rant. When I was finally done with educating 'one of the male population', he smiled insecurely. I could read his face that said: "There is that crazy girl I married! Watch out world, here she comes!" 

At the grocery store I didn't pay any attention as to what was going on around me, so I can't tell what impact (and if any) my bra-less outfit had on others. As usually, I stayed focused on picking and choosing the organic (non-GMO) fruits and vegetables. What I did notice was the difference in how I felt while driving back home. I rolled down the window and I immediately felt the fresh sensation of having my breasts being caressed by the wind! The air flew effortlessly through the summer shirt I wore. The pacific breeze made its way all the way to my unrestricted by bra nipples. Throughout the entire ride, the fresh air I was able to feel on my liberated breasts, continued to give me a sensation of freshness and freedom.  

What a freeing, liberating and totally pleasant sensation that is! If you haven't experience it yet, don't wait.. You won't know what you've been missing, until you try it yourself.

Remember: -- it's not illegal not to wear a bra, so it's not like you'll be braking law or anything. :)  


Hello, I am sending you a link to be sure of your decision.
You can tell your husband that this is the best choice you made for your health.

Thank you Yves. I think so too. As for my husband; he's coming around. He now refers to me as a 'girl with free boobies'.... lol :)

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