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February 5, 2014

How to Reach Enlighten Joy

You said you want to be happy. You said you want to feel peaceful and full of joy and that you want to feel this way all the time, not just from time to time. 
As a Child of God, you were born with the right to such lasting happiness. But the question is: "Are you READY for it?"
Is this really something that you want more than anything else? Is peace more important to you than conflict? Is experiencing joy more important to you than being trapped by sorrow? 
If so, are you ready to let go of things that do not serve you at all, such as ego, which actually stands in your way of reaching true happiness? 
Ego is not what you might think it is, at least not entirely. Then what is it? 
Ego is nothing else but a part of your mind that believes in separation, which doesn't exist. Ego, therefore, is completely delusional and entirely insane. But YOU are NOT your ego. 
Ego is no more than a pure fabrication of your mind. It's a fantasy, if you will. It does not exist in the Real World. You, on the other hand, are real, and so is your existence. Besides the loving God, or Universe (whichever is easier for you to believe in) -- you are in fact, the only real thing in this world! 
You are the only real thing that God (the Central Power of the Universe) created. Everything else is an illusion, which part of your mind (ego) had made you believe in. 
You are magnificent, but your ego made you believe that you are not.
You are indestructible, timeless and your existence is assured for Eternity. Your ego, on the other hand, made you believe that you are vulnerable. It made you think that the possibility of being harmed exists, and that you, as well as your existence can be threatened. 
You are one with God, just as you are one with everyone else you encounter. Your ego fooled you into believing that you were separated from God, that you were separated from love, and from everything else. It convinced you that separation is real. It made you chase after everything you've ever wanted by trying to hide from you the fact that everything you've ever wanted -- you already have! Since you are one with everything, how could it be otherwise?  
The ego had used the biggest lie there is -- the lie of separation -- to accomplish its task of keeping you in the darkness. 
But darkness, just like the ego, isn't even real. The darkness, and the fear caused by it, is nothing else but a fairy tail, narrated to you by the ego. In a desperate attempt to convince you that the ego was indeed real, it made you rationalize: 
"I am in the dark right now and I can't see things clearly, therefore my beliefs of separation must be true." 
But it was exactly because of those beliefs that you weren't able to see! 
You are a Light that shines for infinity, so how could you be in the dark? Everyone knows that the light dispels the darkness, and that it does it completely effortlessly.

And so, as long as you'll continue to believe in separation -- you WILL remain in the dark.

As long as you'll continue to listen to your ego -- you WILL remain enslaved by it, and you'll continue to believe in its lies about who you are and what you're here for.

To believe that separation isn't real, and that's it's just an illusion, is the first step that you need to take to free yourself. Freedom is essential, for without it neither love, peace, joy or any type of true sense of happiness could be truly experienced.

The second step, which anyone who is eager to be truly happy has to take, is to live accordingly to this new belief. You have to keep doing what you believe in, otherwise you won't believe in it. And you must believe in it, in order to experience it!

So when you look at someone else, don't listen to your ego that tells you that the two of you are in any way whatsoever separated, or different. Look at him, or her, as if you were looking in the mirror at your own reflection, because that is exactly what you're looking at! Then ask yourself: "Now that I know that I'm looking at myself, and not someone else, how do I wish to treat this part of me that's standing in front of me?"

If you chose love and kindness, that same love and kindness will return to you, only multiplied!

Same way, if you chose to act with fear and scarcity, for example, that same fear and scarcity will return to you, only multiplied!

And so on and on.

Don't limit your new belief and your approach to other human beings only. Since you are one with everything, and everything includes everything, you must include everything as well.

When you look at the tree, remember that you are looking at yourself. You are the tree, and the tree is you. You are the sky above you, and the sky is you. You are that homeless kitten that is searching for a warm shelter and something to eat, and that homeless kitten is you!

Now act accordingly. Do you wish to stay cold, abandoned and hungry, or do you wish to feel safe, warm and cozy?

Sometimes when you look at "someone else," you become overwhelmed with negative emotions such as anger, for example. It is because you believe that this person, whether in the past, present or future, is going to, or had already hurt you somehow. You feel like you have to protect yourself, and you use your anger as a weapon. But anger doesn't protect you, it imprisons you. It makes you its slave. The only real way of protecting yourself is to be willing, and therefore able to forgive.

When you forgive, you remember that the illusion, in which the person who hurt you believes in, is just that; an illusion. The real person - the Child of God, which he or she is, is not capable of anything else but love. When you remember that, you remember who you really are: a Child of God incapable of being anything else than love in its purest form. 

When you forgive, you renounce your ego. You are literally telling it: "I don't believe in you. You don't exist."

If you don't forgive, you are telling yourself that the ego is right, and therefore it must exist, it must be real. Simultaneously you lose the sight; the understanding of who you really are. You lose yourself.

So by forgiving you do the opposite -- you gain yourself! What you do lose through forgiveness is the false understanding of who you are, that was provided to you by the ego.

The more you practice forgiveness, the more you realize that there is nothing that needs to be forgiven! You start to understand that everything, which you thought was wrong was nothing real but an illusion. Your awakening begins, and through your compassion (forgiveness) you begin to awaken others. Just as if you woke up from a nightmare, you would not try to retaliate in the real world against anyone who hurt you in the dream. It would make completely no sense if you tried. It wouldn't matter whatsoever that the dream seemed very real to you.  

Without forgiveness you cannot experience a sense of peace that can last. When you're angry, can you feel completely peaceful at the same time? You can't. So if peace is what you're after, then forgiveness and full acceptance is your path to it.

If joy, in other words -- love, is also what you're after, then gratitude will help you reach it. When you are grateful for something, you are grateful because you appreciate it. To appreciate is to express love. When you express love -- you cannot help but to feel love!

True forgiveness and true gratitude go hand in hand with acceptance. You can't forgive anything or anyone without fully accepting it for whatever it is. 

Acceptance and love are interchangeable. If you withdraw acceptance from anyone or anything, you withdraw your love from them. Since you are one with everything -- when you withdraw your love from anyone else -- you withdraw that love from yourself. Hence, without acceptance you cannot experience love. Without love, you cannot experience joy. Without joy, you cannot be truly happy! 

When you accept everything and everyone, you express your love for everything and everyone, yourself including. Love becomes your reality. Since you are nothing else but never ending love -- when love becomes your reality -- you start remembering who you really are. 

When you remember who you really are, you remind others who they really are as well. The more you remind others, the more you remember. 

The real you and the real reality is only within you. Everything outside you -- the external world you see -- is an illusion. It's merely a reflection of what's within you. To believe that the physical world you see is real is equivalent to looking at the mirror and believing that what's reflected in it exists inside the mirror. 

In order for you to know who you really are you must renounce the ego (part of your mind which believes in separation). You also must renounce the illusion of the external world. Only when you stop believing that everything your eyes see is real, will you be able to see the real world -- the real reality that's within you. When you know the real reality that's within you -- you know yourself. 

When you truly know yourself, you know that you are one with God and one with everything. You know that you are loved and that it could not be otherwise. When you feel one with everything, neither suffering or scarcity can have any power over you. How could you be anything less than ever lasting abundance if you are one with it? How could you be anything less than never ending joy and love if you are one with it? How could you be anything else than a magnificent Light created by a magnificent God, if you are one with it? 

You are always nothing less than ever lasting abundance, never ending love and joy, and a magnificent Light that shines. If you don't know it yet is because the illusion in which you believe in keeps you unaware of it. Renounce the illusion, and you WILL know who you really are.  

At first, it may seem to you that giving up the illusion of the external world (the only familiar world until now) feels like too big of a loss. But keep reminding yourself that what you are gaining instead is a lot more than what you're giving up. Stay focus on not what you are losing but on what you are gaining. You will reach it faster this way.   


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