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November 11, 2013

Dear Visitors To Hawaii

Dear Visitors to my website and Visitors to Hawaii,

Since the website's main purpose is to help others with overcoming depression, -- I'm writing this post that at first might seem to be about something different, -- but it really isn't.

This post is about speaking out for the house-less people, who understandably so, are affected by depression, maybe even more than anyone else on this planet.  

I'm asking you for a huge favor; -- I ask you to sign the petition (click here) to demand from the State of Hawaii to stop raiding house-less fellow beings, stop stealing their tents, issuing tickets for being homeless, and even imprisoning of house-less people! Yes, that's right -- that is exactly what is going on here in Hawaii, a state that is considered a paradise by the rest of the world! How sad.    

"A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization."
This is a quote from Samuel Johnson 1709-1784, (from Boswell: Life of Johnson) the great scholar who was often poor and even house-less himself.

The reason I am so passionate about this important issue, and I take it so personally, is that when I first moved from California to Hawaii, I found myself being house-less, and I stayed in a homeless shelter for a couple of weeks. I know few things about how the shelters are run, and how house-less people are treated. It makes me wanna cry.

Even more sad part is, that the State of Hawaii does what it does to get rid of homeless people, so the sight of them won't "disturb" people like you, who visit this "paradise."  Big amount of money is being spent to promote how beautiful these Islands are, and to hide the ugly truth about the lack of sensitivity of people who are in charge here. 

If you won't mind, I also ask you to sign my own petition as well, in which I ask the State of Hawaii and The City of Honolulu to intervene in my case against the local animal shelter (Hawaiian Humane Society) and to return my German shepherd name Rex, which the shelter adopted to strangers illegally. My dog, which I had for 9 years, and which I brought with me here all the way from California, was micro-chipped at the moment when someone brought him to the shelter. I was overseas when that happened. However, the designated by me emergency contact showed up at the shelter within 24-hours to retrieve my dog for me. The shelter, for unclear reasons, refused to release Rex to my emergency contact. They said that; "the other emergency contact had already picked up the dog," and they adopted him to some complete strangers instead. They failed to even inform me about their, whether it was a decision, or a pure mistake. 

Since my return, they've been refusing to correct the situation, and the city, (which is the shelter's main contractor) even though had been informed about the situation by me and by the Animal Advocacy non-profit, they "washed their hands" on this matter. Below are the links to the articles that have been published about this case. To sign my petition, please click here.  

Links to the articles: 




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